A glorious defeat

From Warhammer

Last Saturday’s fun tournament lived up to its promises as it really was fun. In a comfortable setting we played three games, admired each other’s painting style, and looked up rules in case they were not quite clear.
I for my part ranked on place 9 out of 12, so my stats don’t look that good initially. We played three times the Annihilation Mission that gives you one killpoint for every enemy unit that got completely destroyed. Based on killpoints, I won two games and tied the third. However, for the tournament’s ranking victory points were counted (=a destroyed unit’s actual worth) so I quickly fell behind with my expensive Assault Squads.
This tournament was also a great event to get to know people on a national level as they traveled from Basel, Luzern and St. Gallen to Zürich. Most notably I found that the other Blood Angels player from Basel is also a psychologists, so there definitely seems to be a connection. ;-)

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