Fresh off the painting table: Triumvirate

I am currently busy painting a total of 25 Blood Angels Terminators. Fresh off the painting table are the three HQ models who are going to be the Triumvirate of my 1st Company.

The Terminator Captain has fought many battles and seen all enemies the universe has to offer. He’s the type of guy who arrives with the first wave on the surface of a planet and is the last to be teleported up again. His Storm Bolter and Energy Sword are relatively simple weapons, but he knows to master them well. The more killy weapons are being carried by his Honor Guard who would never let themselves be separated from him. Of course, the Captain would never back away from an enemy, but it’s his Honor Guard taking care of the most imminent threads that lets him lead his company even at the frontline.
I’m especially happy with this picture because it nicely shows the different shade of red between the robe and the Power Armor.

The Terminator Chaplain is the Captain’s dark advisor. The Chaplain knows too well the human beings’ faults and weaknesses, but he also knows their strengths and noble feats. While the Captain may be a great tactician, the Chaplain is the strategist who makes sure that everything going on within the company is in the will of the God Emperor. The Chaplain leads the company in prayer, works as its spiritual adviser and sorts out those who are falling to the Black Rage.
I didn’t paint this Chaplain in any special way. However, I decided to leave the eye sockets in the same bone color as the rest of the skull (quickly thought about black or bright green) because this makes him more ghostly in my eyes. I also decided to glue the halo directly to his head rather than having it sit on the Power Armor because it adds more to the look of a tortured person as well. After all, the Chaplain knows all shades of life and death very well.

The Terminator Librarian is the keeper of the company’s arcane knowledge and the chief psychic. Whereas the other two characters heavily rely on their cognitive skills, the Librarian explores unknown worlds with his intuition. He channels the ruinous powers from the Warp into forms that help him and his battle brothers in their quest in the name of the God Emperor. He’s a mighty battle mage and both respected as much as feared not only by his enemies – but by his battle brothers, too.
When I was doing the Librarian I just wanted to combine the Librarians’ typical blue Power Armor with my other default colors for the Blood Angels Chapter. With Red, Yellow and Blue he turned out really bright and funky, however. When I look at the model it kinda feels to me as if Papa Smurf is carrying his own mushroom house. However, after a little while I think the funny look is actually quite good. If the Captain is the king and the Chaplain the dark advisor in the background, then the Librarian functions as the jester. The people around him find him rather strange and quite often don’t know what to make out of his words, as he speaks of things nobody else addresses and sees things nobody else can see, but the company’s Captain knows very well that sometimes the Librarian is his only weapon against the most dangerous enemies.

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