Codex: Space Wolves as seen through the eyes of a Blood Angel

It was in 1993 when young Parcival got into contact with Games Workshop products. As an avid RPG player I started to play Wood Elves in Blood Bowl and then started to collect a Warhammer Fantasy Wood Elves army. However, in 40K there was a Space Marine Chapter with a charisma unlike any other. After I borrowed the Codex from a friend and read it through, the Sons of Leman Russ always have been my secret love.
So, with the new Space Wolves Codex available in stores, I got my copy as well, although I don’t plan to collect an army (yet). Besides for the love of the Space Wolves Chapter I purchased this Codex also for a very specific second reason, namely if I could find hints in it on what to expect with the rumored Codex Blood Angels that is supposed to be released in 2010.
These days, everybody speaks about how broken Space Wolves are and how to create hard hitting army lists. Here, I want to look at something pretty much gone unnoticed from the mainstream chatter but that could be specifically interesting for Blood Angels players.
Logan Grimnar, Chapter Master of the Space Wolves, doesn’t have the Orbital Bombardment rule, but Eternal Warrior. I see this as a sign of hope that Dante will get Eternal Warrior, too, but I doubt he’ll get the Orbital Bombardment. (Isn’t it odd that the Chapter Master of the Humpdy Dumpdy Springflowers Chapter has the competence to order an Oribtal Bombardment, but two of the most senior Chapter Masters don’t?)
Njal Stormcaller – I don’t even dare to imagine what broken psychic powers Mephiston could possibly get – plus an adequate saving throw.
Similar to the Vanilla Codex, the Wolf Lord allows a lot more options in terms of equipment. I expect the next Blood Angels Captains to get the same treatment.
The Iron Priest lacks the Independent Character rule that the Vanilla Techmarine has. The Blood Angels Techmarine doesn’t have it and probably won’t get it either.
Wolf Guard can have Terminator Armor and still board Drop Pods – maybe this is a hint that Blood Angels Terminators keep their ability to deploy in Drop Pods as well?
Wolf Scouts are Elites – I expect the Blood Angels Scouts to stay in the Elite slot, too. In other words, nobody is going to play them in the future either.
Grey Hunters are 15 points per model, Vanilla Tacticals 16. Blood Angels are between 15 and 17 points depending on how you count (30 points for Death Company subtracted), so the cost for the average Tactical Squad is going to stay the same more or less. However, Space Wolves and Vanilla can have between 5 and 10 Marines in a squad while Blood Angels only can have blocks of five. I guess more flexibility will be added here as well – plus the free flamer and the free Missile Launcher.
Skyclaws have special weapons, so do Vanilla Assault Squads. I expect Blood Angels Assault squads to receive the same weapon options (currently restricted to Veteran Assault Squads). This could provide some much needed punch for our second choice in the Troops slot.
Space Wolves don’t have the Landspeeder Storm, so Blood Angels probably won’t get it either. That’s okay, after all Vanilla Chapters deserve some unique units, too. I like the approach that special Chapters like Space Wolves and Blood Angels don’t seem to get everything the Vanillas do plus some more added extras as it adds to diversity.
The Space Wolves’ Land Raider rules have been adapted to the Vanilla ones. Blood Angels players will be happy to see the same happening to theirs as well. Rhinos and Drop Pods only cost 35 points, so the Blood Angels are going to get cheaper as well.
Yes, the Space Wolves have the 3+ INV Storm Shield, the Whirlwind can choose the ammo type before firing, Wolf Guard can have the Cyclone Missile Launcher and Rhinos have access points. If those things are not in the next Blood Angels Codex, I am going insane. 

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