FSA: Patrol Fleet

I added a few more models to my Terran Alliance fleet so now it is aroundish 800pts (Patrol Fleet) strong. :-) New in this picture in addition to the starterbox:

  • 1 Ares Class Carrier (yellow)
  • 3 Artemis Class Destroyers (the ships with the most green)
Here we have a close-up of the carrier and the three destroyers.

And a close-up of the carrier and the battleship. I decided to do black and green for my fleet except the large and massive ships that are supposed to be black and yellow. So any other large ship I may still get will be black and yellow, too. For the carrier I decided to invert the colors, though, because it's such a unique model both in terms of looks and game mechanics.

Since I am always looking for the right bag and foams for my armies, I also post here my bag's layout just in case it may help someone else with the same questions.

I can easily still fit in eight more frigates here.

Plenty of room for still one more large ship. :-)

As I needed a larger bag for my DW fleet my Feldherr Mini Plus temporarily got empty and now stores my Terran Alliance fleet. I am continuing to be amazed how one can store an entire army in such a small bag - and this isn't just a starterbox getting boring after three games plus I still have plenty of room for further additions.

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  1. We have to test your nice fleet as soon as possible. My nasa stellar map has arrived too guaranteeing a nice atmosphere. ;-)