Christmas Loot

God bless my girlfriend.

Today I went to the Tactica and got my Christmas Loot after my girlfriend was so nice to get me gift certificates for the holiday. I really appreciate it big time because she absolutely can't understand why I like these miniatures no matter how hard she tries.

My first grab was a box with the new Blood Angels Terminators, despite I already have around 40 Terminators laying around. However, they don't have the nice BA iconography yet except for the Forgeworld parts I threw in on some. Plus Sven gave me the BA half of his Shield of Baal box (thank you Sven) you I'll effectively make 10 Terminators out of this box in full BA regalia.

My second grab was the Dystopian Wars 2.0 rulebook. Ever since it appeared on the market, I wanted a copy, but didn't have the money for it. Right now I am so deep into 40K again that I am not sure when I'll play my next DW game, but I have a fully painted fleet in a small bag that can be easily carried anywhere, so who knows.

Last but not least, I restocked on some GW glazes and inks, an Army Painter Dragon Red spraycan, and then I took the dip and purchased Vallejo colors for the first time. I have been eyeing them since 2011, but as the Tactica didn't carry them back then, I didn't want to order them online, and I found the Army Painter dropper bottles in Texas, I went for AP instead. Now the Tactica carries the full Vallejo range and planning to gradually make the switch to Vallejo products. For me, the unique highlights I purchased from this range are:

  • the very light turquoise color which will be great to add airy light shadows to (Blood Angels) wings.
  • White Wash. Honestly, in all those years I found myself several times desperately wishing for a white wash/ink and now I got it. I'll try it immediately on the Inquisitor I am currently doing.
  • Vallejo pigments. I got the ones for desert sand and rust, perfect for my BA tanks.

I am really looking forward to dabble with all these new paints and colors.

Last but not least I got myself Incantator Daniel from Hitech Miniatures. He will be the perfect centerpiece/HQ for my secret pre-heresy Thousand Sons side project.

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