Painting up reinforcements

Inquisitor Daemonhunter.

The campaign on Teritarius Secundus continues as we excitedly chat about fluff and potential developments. It has gotten to the point where we are painting up specific minis for the campaign, i.e. we use the campaign as an excuse to do the minis we always wanted.

I went up into the attic because I remembered I purchased an Inquisitor at the Zwergenschmiede years ago (when it was still in the romantic old city core of Bern). It turns out the Inquisitor is a Daemonhunter, so he is perfectly fitting for our campaign. UPDATE: some more research and I have found this awesome picture over at the Black Library.

Tudor has been active as well and is kit bashing The Fallen to have something to illustrate the Dark Angels' "unrelated business". Tudor keeps insisting the Fallen are the good guys, but after his WIP I am not very hopeful.

Picture used without permission from Tudor.

But that guys sure knows how to do minis!

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