Brother Librarian and Brother Techmarine

As discussed in my previous blog post, I am currently painting up additional pieces to my existing Blood Angels force to have something more suitable for 40K 7th Edition. For starters I painted my two new HQ models, the Librarian and the Techmarine. A Librarian with a Jump Pack simply is a must for any Blood Angels force and was hence long overdue; Techmarines are substantial for any chapter's success and get way too little play time from my point of view, so there I am trying to change that.

I am sort of proud here how the freehand lettering and the blood drops turned out in contrast to the blue armor.

His name, Divico, didn't turn out as neatly as I hoped for, but I decided to leave it on. In this view you also get the best view on the spellbook Divico is carrying into battle. The book is from some bits company, forgot which. The other bits come from Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, and Assault Squad boxes.

I am particularly proud how I was able to work the light blue into his wings; something I wanted to do for a long time. Blood Angels need to look angelic into their very feather tips from my point of view.

This here is the picture of shame. I took the shoulder armor with a skull from the Death Company box  and added horns with green stuff to make him a proper Librarian. Well, you see how it turned out.

The Techmarine (OOP model) turned out just as I wanted. On this picture the red has a pretty uniform look, but in reality there are five different layers of red and orange. On the other hand the uniform look probably means I did my job well, the Librarian has the much harder color contrasts.

I added armor with a grail to his left shoulder to give him some chapter iconography, but I didn't wanna overdo it because after all he is a disciple from Mars.

I also gave him the white Bolter that is special for my Blood Angels 2nd Company, but decided to leave his Boltpistol black because he probably got it before he went to Mars, so it's chapter adherent in its coloring.

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