Ruined Oasis

nu55kill standing proud behind the finished ruins and craters.

Lately I have been helping nu55kill, Team Captain of the Swiss 40K ETC Team, add greenery to his 40K ruins at our local game club, the League of Gentlemen (LoG). Years ago he started by gluing his 40K ruins to desert style base plates, but recently he got plastic plants for a mere couple Euros in Konstanz (Germany), so we've been busy adding that. The finished thing looks to me like ruins in a oasis and the thick greenery triggered the urge in me to start a Catachan army, but obviously Tallarn Desert Raiders would work as well.

The finished craters.

The finished ruins.

Once we were done gluing everything together, we took the opportunity to showcase a few minis in our new/improved terrain.

Soft dragon, warm dragon, little ball of fire...

I spy with my little sniper scope...

Our league's mascot is definitely the boss on the block...

...and even a lowly Terminator with a Multimelta won't change that.

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