Arming up on Good Friday

The dining table - my current workbench.

What do to on a Good friday when the beloved is at the office? Right, painting up the Blood Angels miniatures needed for my 40K 7th Edition list.

Hence I finished my Servitors

who will go into the Stormraven (sitting on the dining table above) together with Brother Techmarine.

This kit has a certain age; I got it in 2008 before the kit was redone; the current Techmarine wears a cool helmet now.

Last but not least I painted up two Scout Squats that had been sitting in their boxes for years, but now I need them in 7th Ed for mission objective grabbing.

People said I am crazy to put a Powerfist on a Sergeant, but hey, in a White Dwarf Battle Report that type of model once killed a Greater Daemon. I will use this unit mostly for its fire and the Powerfist to tear open the back armor of tanks in the opponent's backyard.

These guys are gonna cover firing lanes while sitting on their mission objective.

So that makes it three months since the original idea of painting up these models until completion. I gotta speed up my painting if I wanna be done before I am dead. ^^

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