More Thousand Sons

A box of CSM, my latest addition to my upcoming Thousand Sons army.

After taking a trip to Seetroll in Konstanz, I have some more miniatures assembled for my upcoming Thousand Sons army. As usual, the rules were "no spikes, no horns, loyalist parts" to give them a clean yet slowly disintegrating look.

My new 2nd platoon looks a little bit more chaosy despite the above mentioned rule simply because the CSM legs and torsos have a tad more skulls. The Sorcerer (Sergeant) openly displays a Tzeentch standard from which I cut off the horns to make it look just like any other artsy standard.

On the other hand, the Company Champion still displays proudly an Imperial Eagle on his chest armor. His Powersword is from a loyalist Assault Squad Sergeant, his shield from Scibor's Egyptian series.
The Apothecary has a loyalist Apothecary's backpack and an Auspex simply because I lack another Narthecium. I figure it's still good enough to scan the battlefield à la Leonard McCoy.
In the back you can see the Command Squad's Standard Bearer which I have shown in more detail earlier already.

Last but not least I built a second Librarian. All his bits are from the CSM box except for his Egyptian helmet, his pre-heresy Jump Pack, and his Purity Seal (taken from a Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard box). Once again, the goal here was to create a rather chaotic yet clean look that would easily let him pass also as a feral Space Wolf or a somber Iron Hand. Unlike the Company Champion's sword out of a loyalist box, this sword here also is from the CSM box and serves just as another powerful hint about the corruption of this Librarian.

One day, everyone is supposed to be painted to this standard.

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