AoS is easily balanced

Urgulf the Dragon Slayer engages a pair of Ogres after he finished off a Thundertusk.

I just had my second game of Age of Sigmar and I have to say this game and its ruleset are balanced - in friendly games. Once again, the only restriction we played i the number of wound per side; Dwarfs and Elves got 50 each, the Ogres got 100 in return. That's really all it takes for a friendly game and once again the rules shone with their simplicity because they let you concentrate on the game and your buddies instead of searching textbooks.

Honestly, my verdict is that Age of Sigmar is the best Games Workshop tabletop warfare game to date. You can interpret the careful wording in the previous sentence however you want. Fact is I enormously enjoyed the second game as well plus it was a very close game as well though one side got essentially tabled in the end. We kept throwing Elvish bodies into the path of the approaching Ogres in order to keep the Dwarfs' Canons firing as long as possible and this eventually did the trick. However, by the speed the Ogres were cutting a path through the Elves I was deeply worried they'd make it towards the canons in time to silence them. A couple bad dice rolls by the dwarf player and the Ogres could easily have won.

Hobby wise I started to strip my cavalry models plus the large Forrest Dragon.

I also started to paint the wizard laying in my bits box because he's such an epic model.

And I finished the first Wood Elf model I painted after 1998. I like how she turned out, although I was surprised by the thickness of the grass flock which makes her look like she wades through high grass. But then I went like "hey, the places were Wood Elves fight don't exactly feature mowed golf lawns, right?"

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  1. I think it's rather unfair to judge AoS right now... when we got the new stuff they've been planning - which is completely free from stupid or biased rules so far - THEN we'll be able to give a good verdict of AoS.