Reinforcements have arrived

It was time to paint the final batch of squadrons to have a full 300pts list available.

First I did two more X-Wings for a total of six squadrons. However, the longer I play them, the more I like their versatility so I don't mind having that many. So here we have Yellow and Orange Squadron.

Next up the A-Wings. I need them to escort my Corellian Corvettes. To my surprise, you can see the silver stripes on the photograph much better than in real life. So here we have Silver and Purple Squadron.

Then we have the Y-Wings. I'll eventually swap one or two X-Wings in my list for those. So here we have Orange and Gold Squadron.

Last but not least the B-Wings. I had them brownish in my memory although an image search showed they're just the same metallic grey. I overdid it here by adding a second wash for contrast and then directly highlight with Desert Yellow, but I like the Native American vibe it gives to them. So here we have another Orange and Yellow Squadron.

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